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Patachou Coffee by the Pound

1 pound of Patachou's coffee, whole bean, packed in a resealable bag and shipped. We currently offer our three most popular blends of coffee: our Patachou House Blend, decaf House Blend, and Highlander Grog (a hazelnut caramel flavored coffee). We offer all of these coffees in 1 pound increments.


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"My delicious, mouth-watering, syrupy, downright good, yummy, caffeine-laced, scrumptious, like butter, almost artful, very addictive, but always satisfying, and very wet, exhilarating, better than THAT OTHER COFFEE STUFF they try to serve you elsewhere, up there with Cher (with or without Sonny - you decide), hot and satisfying, slightly hypnotic, with a secret flavor, diva-like, but not overpowering, tasty, special, brown, chock full of memories, like a good commercial (unlike the ones that have come out in recent years - except the NIKE ones), the Bullwinkle of beverages and my all-time love, coffee at Cafe Patachou."